Team Lunch

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Sharing a recent positive experience where a large group had lunch brought in from a top hotel in the city.

Food is the easiest victim of small talk. However, it was refreshing to see the critics of taste were smacking their lips instead. Nothing lacked for anyone.

If there is one criticism, it would be that I found myself shamelessly throwing aside my acquired frugalness in gorging food. I had, for most part of this year’s Pongal to Baisaki months, succeeded in refraining from entertaining myself in taste. But the hermit fell for the charms of Menaka-isque looking yellow sweet-balls dipped in sugar syrups, the decked up rice masquerading as Biryani, a baazar of vegetables and cold-cream(aka ice-cream). I forgot about my fast from pleasure.

Burp !


Insincere Words

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Merriam-Webster Online has this collection of top ten quotes on words. I really liked this one by Geroge Orwell.

“The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. When there is a gap between one’s real and one’s declared aims, one turns as it were instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish spurting out ink.”

– George Orwell, “Politics and the English Language,” 1946

There is an easy way to state that whatever we know is by means of language and that means words. Imagine, we fooling ourselves and others by using clear language but not meaning them i.e. not believing in them.

When we do not know what to say, and still say something  –  we may end up uttering insincere words. Being aware of oneself helps in speaking only when we need to, and only what we believe in.

An easy solution to India’s problems – enforce traffic rules

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Ever wondered why we in India are so indisciplined on the roads ? Ever wondered if there is any connection to the lawlessness on the roads with what we do in everyday life. It is almost a given that if nobody is looking, even the educated middle-class will break rules.  So, how can we fix it ? Is there a magic wand ?

An easy solution to all these problems is to make all people follow traffic rules. Yes, I am not kidding – make everyone follow just the traffic rules. All of Indian life is on the roads. Take it any festival, or a game, or a celebration like wedding. It happens on the roads. If you want to impact lives, enforce the rules once people step out of their houses.

With whatever infrastructure we have, whether we walk on the road-side or drive or are in a bus, just make people behave according to traffic laws. Drive in a line, wait for the pedestrian to cross at red-signal, wait for the green-signal, do not litter or dirty the public roads – just make them do this one bit for five years in a row.

I believe, if people are made to follow a discipline on the road, it will show up at work, at home and all other aspects of life. All we have to do is to just monitor the few roads which we have – thankfully, so few roads – it is easy for law-enforcing agencies to make people adhere to rules on the roads “if” they hire sufficient policemen.

Here is what I see will happen if people are disciplined on the roads.

  1. The lawlessness will stop or at least the arrogance of letting a fourteen year old drive will end.
  2. The new rich who seem to own the road with newer cars without having gone through proper driving tests, will be made to follow the rules.
  3. The class division will vanish, when people stop for pedestrians to cross.
  4. The restlessness to achieve by stomping someone else’s feet will stop; when on the road, they are made to wait for their turn to cross the signal and not overtake when there is only one lane on any road.
  5. The good behavior becomes contagious, as every citizen will respect oneself even more, as he respects others.
  6. The work culture improves, the sense of right, is now also followed by acting right.
  7. Will any self-respecting, rightfully engaged government employee, engage in corruption that denigrates himself ? Maybe not.

Let us try this. Let us make our lives better, by respecting ourselves more, by respecting the laws which are there for a reason. Let us start by following the traffic rules and keep everyone safe.  Let us just change the road culture instead of trying to fix all the other problems that are germinated by the same lawless person on the road.

Cricket and my son

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Finally, my son made some friends with some other good kids of his age and he is busy playing cricket for the most of his free time. Earlier, all these years, when he was growing up, one of our main concerns was why he does not have friends of  his age group around him. He was initiatlly shy, and we thought of just letting him take his time to get out of his shell, instead of artifically making him socialize. In retrospect, it was a great decision, and boy, sports makes it so much easier to break all barriers.  So here is the story of cricket and my son.

I used to be the one playing cricket with him before. He used to make me get up from the sofa and I used to bowl for him and also field, yes field, for hours under the sun. We used to play on the road right in front of our house.
He has so much energy, and I used to bowl to him just right, so that he can hit the long one over my head. And he can bowl real fast. I am so glad he is not the TV viewing, video-gaming sedantry style kid.
We used to use the back of our hatch back car(my reliable Ford Fusion) as the wicket keeper. Then we bought a nice bat, costing around Rs. 1000, and we lost quite a few tennis balls because of his shots into the unkept empty sites around our house.  We then bought wickets for him, which was his idea again when we played together. So now the back of my car is spared.
Then one day, we saw some kids playing cricket on an adjacent road and I asked him if he would like to play with them. To my surprise my son did not hesitate to say “yes”,  to play with children he does not know. Those kids gladly took him  in their wing and made friends within minutes.
I am so glad now that he is enjoying more with children of his age. I also realized that I get to spend even lesser time with him together.
It was fun while it was just the two of us with the dog watching. Now, it is good for him and I think more fun for him taking the wickets of his friends than his father’s. Howzz that !

Humor and Foolishness

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I dream of asking a room full of super-achievers, “Who here thinks they are foolish in what they do” ? All super achievers have to think high of themselves so they may not answer, and even if they do, it would still be in pretense.  I think we feel powerful about being smart and humble about being foolish. We often choose the former, because we are in an ego-centric world which laudes personal success.

It makes me smile to think of this  truth –  most of our lives (which is now mistaken as work-life for me), we spend trying to be our best and train and learn whatever there is.  So, we do everything to avoid being seen as stupid or foolish. And, we stop learning just for learning sake, but start acquiring knowledge to make us look smart. 

 Is my purpose behind acquiring knowledge to gain superiority ?

Imagine for a moment, if you could become free of this label of “staying foolish” also. Would you be more spontaneous in learning and be free ? Would that make you laugh and be happy ? Would you learn, finally ?

If we have to laugh and allow ourselves to be laughed at, won’t we achieve our true potential – maybe make it to the room of super-achievers and still raise our hands to the question of whether we were foolish. Freedom at last.

 Be the unassuming one, the nitwit, the simpleton, not judging but accepting.

Humour yourself, and raise your hand to learn something new because it connects with your purpose. Let us not do it because you are are avoiding looking foolish and therefore acquiring more knowledge.  The experience will make you more complete. The creative genius,  that is you, will finally reach your purpose.

Like the Bible says, “The meek shall inherit the earth”.

So, just “how” can we be patient and “why” should we be ?

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When should you be patient or show patience ? It  is when you want things happen your way because, at all other times you would call yourself as patient, wouldn’t you. I mean, at least you are not desperate for something to happen.

When you realize that you are getting impatient, “how” and “why” should you act,  patiently?

Let us first look at “why” patience is a virtue and is an advice with much gain.

Nature's patience shows her beauty

1. Anything done in an impulse does not come out right. Unless you are a truck with no feelings, you already would have got cues on this.
2. You act better with a calm and clear mind, rather than a restless or agitated mind.
3. Nature’s rhythm has to match with yours, and nature is pretty darn patient and seems to have time on her side.
4. When you let things happen with your “intent”, miracles happen.
5. You make an impression. Others will perceive and understand you better. Your character shines through even more – you will not know this, because if you do, it is not shining.
6. That, you did not send out negative energy when things do not happen your way and kept your chin up, makes the force in the universe sit up and notice. You created an imbance in the universe which she has to balance.
7. Infinite patience creates “immediate” opportunities. You will get what you really want and right for you when you least expect it.

Alright then, so you’d have to be nuts to throw away the gains you will receive because of patience. Now let us come to “how” do we show patience.

1. Breathe ! Yes, right now, just breathe in and if you feel like just breathe out( the latter was meant to make you smile as you read my post, during my bus journey to work). You need to shut up – and how else can you shut your mind, but by noticing the present.

2. Feel better ? When agitation comes, you switch on your deep breathing. You become more aware of your body, the moment which is NOW – and Lo! the mind numbs pretty quickly.

3. Say thanks! Be grateful. Shower thanks for all you have. They weren’t joking when they said, count you’d blessings.

4. Hope you haven’t  lost patience so far because I am still in my bus.

5. Be good. Do good to some stranger. Or a loved one or a colleague. You are too great a human being, so just be it now.

I think by now, you have just become and acted as a patient person. Just let things be.

Reached work.

That’s all folks! (All Disney cartoons end this way.)

10 Quotes From Bill Hewlett and David Packard That Every Executive Should Read

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The beauty about greatness is embodied by such leaders. It makes us admire such thoughts especially when you become powerful and a giant in the industry. With so much coverage of leaders who narcissist and often the articles on more how great they are, it is a refreshing and nostalgic feeling to read about Bill and Dave; who did not talk much about themselves.

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