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Review: “Tuesdays with Morrie” by Mitch Albom

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“Tuesdays with Morrie”
– An old Man, a Young man and Life’s greatest lesson
by Mitch Albom

A very simple book which is what makes it so beautiful. Morrie Schwartz was
Mitch Albom’s favorite professor in real life. Mitch happens to be a
journalist. Professor Morrie had a final course. Mitch used to meet him
every tuesday to give him company and talk to him. This book, a true story,
came out of the meetings.


Review: The Hindu Business Line (Sunday Edition)

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I recently started subscribing to the Sunday edition of “The Hindu –
Business Line” which costs Rs 3.00. (I do not get to read the weekday
editions). I am not much of a savvy investor, but found its contents quite
educative and useful.

Following are the topics in the 14 pages or so found in July 14, 2007 issue.

– Market Watch: Technical analysis, Q & A from readers on which stock to buy
or sell, Trader’s corner.

– Mututal Funds: Reviews performance of various funds and suggests whether
to buy or not.

– Stock Insight: Gives performance of various stocks, for eg. this week
suggested why to hold MindTree stock, buy corporation bank and invest at
cut-off for omaxe.

– Personal Finance: Has Q&A. Reviews investment books.

– Young Investor: A few columns like “Simple Economics” which had some
“investment nuggets” etc.

– Opinion: Talks about various happenings in the company. Like various
deals, price outlook was covered this week.

– Scoreboard: Dump of all company’s quarterly performance, revenue etc.

– Investment World: This time it was an article onĀ  top performing large
caps and mid-caps and sector wise returns.

– Some international economy news

– Indian Economy

– Commodities

– Corporate news

– Bikes and Cars: Some good reviews here – Saab and Volvos this time and the
1 lac car.

– Variety – Had a review of the book ” If Harry Potter ran General
Electric”. Some light reading.

Overall, I thought it is a good newspaper to help manage one’s finances.

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