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Passion – an act of violence ?

Posted in inspiration with tags on May 9, 2010 by amotings

The great painter Picasso was supposedly asked on his death-bed, what is the secret of his success. He is to have told, “to have passion with moderation”.

At work, I often observe and have seen myself judging other’s aggressive behavior towards achieving goals. I realize what our saints have often told us, judgement causes conflicts in our minds and actions. Judgement comes from words – which are the tools for thinking. And yes, conflicts does arise from words judging behaviors – eg. passion, aggression etc.

We can wrongly label an individual’s behavior – and that is an act of violence and injustice.

It is almost a necessity now to show passion at work – which is loving what you do and achieving things which bring great recognition and satisfaction.  

I wonder if showing passion can become an act of violence  ? Is it natural to be passionate ? If it not natural, aren’t you pushing nature to do something or achieve something – and hence becoming violent(eg. aggression). Why is it that no-one talks of peace and passion in the same breath ? 

Why do we need to moderate our passion. What does it mean ? Moderation, perhaps is nothing but, letting things “be”.  Moderation to our passion, then,  pulls back our ego. Why cant we always let things “be” and accept what is natural to our actions.

Would we still call that behavior, of letting things be, as “passion” ?


Building a car with my son

Posted in hobby with tags , on May 3, 2010 by amotings

I bought my son a solar-powered toy-car-kit. I got to spend a full weekend with him in building it – and showing him how to do it. This ensured that he stayed close to me for the whole of the time. Even  my wife observed and commented that I should do more such activities with him instead of brooding. My son, about 7 now,  was thrilled.

The kit, was imported by vegakitindia, and cost me some money. The drive to SP road in Bangalore , India with him was another adventure. It is perhaps the busiest and narrowest roads, but a haven for electronics goods. I love the place and even bought a kit for myself – a smoke detector alarm. I need to visit SP road again and buy some more stuff.

Building the car

Using his hands

The other need which I realized was how much he needs to use his hands to learn. The mind was restless in getting to finish things faster. He did want to see the car run and finished. I had to demonstrate what patience means.

Eventually, we did get the car done, and he was thrilled to see the car move on its own in the sun. It is not perfectly made, and moves slowly – but the goal of this project was never that  🙂 !

Car completed by us

Completed solar-powered car

This was one of the most valuable weekends for us. My son, first wanted to build a truck, but was eventually happy to see the car wheels run by the small motor.

Coorg visit

Posted in Travel with tags , on May 3, 2010 by amotings

A weekend spent at Coorg, with family. Initially, I was reluctant – but a friend’s family asked us to come along. Only after reaching Coorg and spending couple of nights did I realize what my mind and body was missing.  It is not that going to a hilly mountainous area is required to feel as such – I could have felt the same sitting in a chair in my room. I guess the travel and the new place surrounded by greenery made the difference to my mind.

We stayed at a homestay, sandbanks,  which was just so wonderful experience. We had wonderful food, played games and got to see the coffee estate. The hospitality of the hosts was just wonderful.

What I remember most was that my son played with his cousins to his heart’s content. I revisited my birding hobby and got to spot at least 15 different bird species. The walk in the coffee estate was a revelation as our host helped me spot many trees and identify them. I realized how rich the bio-diversity of the place was looking at all insects, birds surviving off each other.

The birds which I got to spot in my two nights stay, just in the homestay area were:

  1. 1. Large Pied Wagtail
  2. 2. Red Whiskered Bulbul
  3. 3. Plain colored flower-pecker
  4. 4. Little spider hunter (my first ever sighting)
  5. 5. Oriental Magpie Robin
  6. 6. Eurasian Golden Oriole
  7.  Spotted dove
  8.  Indian Myna
  9. Common Sparrow
  10. Coucal
  11. Egret
  12. Wild Crow
  13. Egret
  14. Mourning dove
  15. Jungle Fowl

There were many trees and shrubs which the host helped me learn and identify.

  1. Rosewood
  2. White Cedar
  3. Stone Tree
  4. Cardamom
  5. BeetleNut
  6. Pepper
  7. Cinnamon (loved the smell of the bark)
  8. Red Cedar
  9. Wild Fig Tree

…and a few other local names of trees.

The nights and days were so calm. I could hear only the forest – only the forest. Nothing else. The coffee flowers had just bloomed and they smelt like jasmine. The calmness and some sense of grounding was much needed for my tick-tock mind. I am ever so grateful for being able to “just be” with nature.

Goals in life

Posted in inspiration on May 3, 2010 by amotings

Why is it that only with a goal you can get oneself going ? I am amazed that every time I stop having a goal, I slip into boredom. Everytime there is lack of passion in anything we do, it is a sign that we are not aligned to a) a motivating purpose b) or, our natural self. It is possible to know what we are good at. By the time you spend couple of decades, you know what you like doing. The basic patterns of your personality are known. You like loud people, you dislike loud people, you like short and quick work, you like specialization, you like limelight, you like obscurity – each of these personality traits reinforce what we always tilt towards. It is also amazing that when you look back, the decisions taken in our life are also aligned with our personality. Or is it that our jobs define our personality. You take a sales job because you have to network with people or you take a mechanical, detail oriented desk -job because you love digging deep into things and understanding them things – not necessary selling them to people. So, now when I am here, wondering where and what I am upto, I suddenly realize that life has come out pretty well for me. I do not need to “rock the boat”. What do I want ? It is hard to answer. But it is human nature to always strive – to strive for more, to achieve more and get a sense of fulfillment. So, we take up our goals with a sense of getting fulfillment, a sense of importance and a sense of existence. That is our goal, in whatever we do. So, find out what gives us a sense of fulfillment. A legacy for your children, for your family, comfort and education for loved ones, experience a new barrier and overcoming that barrier – all these give a sense of fulfillment.

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