Building a car with my son

I bought my son a solar-powered toy-car-kit. I got to spend a full weekend with him in building it – and showing him how to do it. This ensured that he stayed close to me for the whole of the time. Even  my wife observed and commented that I should do more such activities with him instead of brooding. My son, about 7 now,  was thrilled.

The kit, was imported by vegakitindia, and cost me some money. The drive to SP road in Bangalore , India with him was another adventure. It is perhaps the busiest and narrowest roads, but a haven for electronics goods. I love the place and even bought a kit for myself – a smoke detector alarm. I need to visit SP road again and buy some more stuff.

Building the car

Using his hands

The other need which I realized was how much he needs to use his hands to learn. The mind was restless in getting to finish things faster. He did want to see the car run and finished. I had to demonstrate what patience means.

Eventually, we did get the car done, and he was thrilled to see the car move on its own in the sun. It is not perfectly made, and moves slowly – but the goal of this project was never that  🙂 !

Car completed by us

Completed solar-powered car

This was one of the most valuable weekends for us. My son, first wanted to build a truck, but was eventually happy to see the car wheels run by the small motor.


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