Coorg visit

A weekend spent at Coorg, with family. Initially, I was reluctant – but a friend’s family asked us to come along. Only after reaching Coorg and spending couple of nights did I realize what my mind and body was missing.  It is not that going to a hilly mountainous area is required to feel as such – I could have felt the same sitting in a chair in my room. I guess the travel and the new place surrounded by greenery made the difference to my mind.

We stayed at a homestay, sandbanks,  which was just so wonderful experience. We had wonderful food, played games and got to see the coffee estate. The hospitality of the hosts was just wonderful.

What I remember most was that my son played with his cousins to his heart’s content. I revisited my birding hobby and got to spot at least 15 different bird species. The walk in the coffee estate was a revelation as our host helped me spot many trees and identify them. I realized how rich the bio-diversity of the place was looking at all insects, birds surviving off each other.

The birds which I got to spot in my two nights stay, just in the homestay area were:

  1. 1. Large Pied Wagtail
  2. 2. Red Whiskered Bulbul
  3. 3. Plain colored flower-pecker
  4. 4. Little spider hunter (my first ever sighting)
  5. 5. Oriental Magpie Robin
  6. 6. Eurasian Golden Oriole
  7.  Spotted dove
  8.  Indian Myna
  9. Common Sparrow
  10. Coucal
  11. Egret
  12. Wild Crow
  13. Egret
  14. Mourning dove
  15. Jungle Fowl

There were many trees and shrubs which the host helped me learn and identify.

  1. Rosewood
  2. White Cedar
  3. Stone Tree
  4. Cardamom
  5. BeetleNut
  6. Pepper
  7. Cinnamon (loved the smell of the bark)
  8. Red Cedar
  9. Wild Fig Tree

…and a few other local names of trees.

The nights and days were so calm. I could hear only the forest – only the forest. Nothing else. The coffee flowers had just bloomed and they smelt like jasmine. The calmness and some sense of grounding was much needed for my tick-tock mind. I am ever so grateful for being able to “just be” with nature.


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