Goals in life

Why is it that only with a goal you can get oneself going ? I am amazed that every time I stop having a goal, I slip into boredom. Everytime there is lack of passion in anything we do, it is a sign that we are not aligned to a) a motivating purpose b) or, our natural self. It is possible to know what we are good at. By the time you spend couple of decades, you know what you like doing. The basic patterns of your personality are known. You like loud people, you dislike loud people, you like short and quick work, you like specialization, you like limelight, you like obscurity – each of these personality traits reinforce what we always tilt towards. It is also amazing that when you look back, the decisions taken in our life are also aligned with our personality. Or is it that our jobs define our personality. You take a sales job because you have to network with people or you take a mechanical, detail oriented desk -job because you love digging deep into things and understanding them things – not necessary selling them to people. So, now when I am here, wondering where and what I am upto, I suddenly realize that life has come out pretty well for me. I do not need to “rock the boat”. What do I want ? It is hard to answer. But it is human nature to always strive – to strive for more, to achieve more and get a sense of fulfillment. So, we take up our goals with a sense of getting fulfillment, a sense of importance and a sense of existence. That is our goal, in whatever we do. So, find out what gives us a sense of fulfillment. A legacy for your children, for your family, comfort and education for loved ones, experience a new barrier and overcoming that barrier – all these give a sense of fulfillment.


3 Responses to “Goals in life”

  1. My feelings on goals:

    The crime lies not in ‘not achieving one’s goals’, the crime lies in ‘not having any’!

    I agree 100%!


  2. Why, thank you so much! I enjoyed your’s too, by the way, and will return!!


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