Passion – an act of violence ?

The great painter Picasso was supposedly asked on his death-bed, what is the secret of his success. He is to have told, “to have passion with moderation”.

At work, I often observe and have seen myself judging other’s aggressive behavior towards achieving goals. I realize what our saints have often told us, judgement causes conflicts in our minds and actions. Judgement comes from words – which are the tools for thinking. And yes, conflicts does arise from words judging behaviors – eg. passion, aggression etc.

We can wrongly label an individual’s behavior – and that is an act of violence and injustice.

It is almost a necessity now to show passion at work – which is loving what you do and achieving things which bring great recognition and satisfaction.  

I wonder if showing passion can become an act of violence  ? Is it natural to be passionate ? If it not natural, aren’t you pushing nature to do something or achieve something – and hence becoming violent(eg. aggression). Why is it that no-one talks of peace and passion in the same breath ? 

Why do we need to moderate our passion. What does it mean ? Moderation, perhaps is nothing but, letting things “be”.  Moderation to our passion, then,  pulls back our ego. Why cant we always let things “be” and accept what is natural to our actions.

Would we still call that behavior, of letting things be, as “passion” ?


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