Family Outing to Dakshina Kannada district

During the December holidays, we went for a trip to south coastal Karnataka. We visited Mangalore, Udipi, Karkala and Moodbidri. This was a trip which we drove across from Bangalore.

I feel that this part of Karnataka is much less densly populated. The people were helpful, the place was much clean. Some of the roads went via mountaneous regions and the drive was beautiful.

Beautiful scenic drive greeted us along the way

Most tourist spots we visited did not have many visitors. The beaches close to Mangalore were clean and we got to watch the sunset in its beauty.

A few thoughts during this trip.

  • If you want authentic South-Indian food, this is the place. (Better not opt for North-Indian cuisine).
  • People are very clean and have a good sense of hygiene.
  • Less densly populated, also saw that people were simpler and friendly.
  • A haven for educational enthusiasts, with so many colleges for various disciplines around this place.
  • There are many religious places of interests for all religions. From Jain temples to churches to Hindu temples.
  • Do not miss the ice-creams which Mangalore is famous for – we went to Pabbas on M.G. Road.
Sunset from Ullal Beach

Sunset from Ullal Beach, Mangalore

It is a perfect place to find a small house and live after retirement. The expenses will be much lesser than it is in the metro cities. The church and even the temples we visited was a memorable experience.

There are so many beautiful spots in our country which can be developed as a tourist destination. At every few kilometers there are historic treasures over thousand years old.


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