Giving your gift to the world

Each of us has in us, something to give. But here is the question. When you transact in your world, how many times did you think that you are giving a gift to someone ?

Ready to fly

What is your gift to the world ? A gift is an act where you give out of love and respect to the other, without expecting anything in return. It can be a touch over the shoulder, letting a car pass by before you or thanking someone for their help. The best gift is an act which the other does not even realize has come as a gift from you. Be the silent mover and giver and stay away from the emotions in you. Just do and shut-up – never talk about it, even when your ego wants to write a memoir of your petty or selfless deed.

The only reason for unhappiness is when we start giving our own life too much importance. Instead look for something to give. Do not think of the act of giving, but just give. Watch your thoughts  – do they make you feel good, are you doing it out of a sense of superiority, or are you just blessing the other in the act of giving ?

Once we perceive what it is like to give unreciprocated, anonymous gifts to people whom we are in contact with, it will start bringing fulfillment is all areas of our life – work, home, relationships. The attitude which we carry will begin to change.

Seth Godin, in his amazing book Linchpin, talks about this idea of giving gifts but in a different context – how to be indispensable at work ? Seth considers indispensable people as artists at work – who do not look at every day as a job to be done for the money earned. Instead, he says, artists are those people at work who refuse to do lousy work and be a cog in the wheel. They will be in relentless in their pursuit till they give a gift. It has nothing to do with income or job security. Artists at work are trying a way to change you and they want to give that as a gift.

 Seth has taken the spiritual reasoning of a fulfilled life of giving yourself to others to a different level. He has made us connect our work with a purpose – giving a gift to someone, which changes the other for the better. True, it might make us indispensable, but that is not the intention of an artist. His intention is to help make the other better.  

So, today onwards, instead of mulling over career and  focus on improving oneself, let me identify ways in which my actions will lead to larger change amongst the people in my life. Already, I have set my goals which reflect the opportunities which inspires the people to opt for change and bring about a change in me. My every transaction with people is a reminder of my work in giving them a gift. Share what I know, inspire other to achieve more than they think they can. Be there for my loved ones, listen. Support the lost one or the scared one to break out of their shell. Let me give my time in this life as a “gift” to others.

Photo Courtesy: Meanest Indian


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