An easy solution to India’s problems – enforce traffic rules

Ever wondered why we in India are so indisciplined on the roads ? Ever wondered if there is any connection to the lawlessness on the roads with what we do in everyday life. It is almost a given that if nobody is looking, even the educated middle-class will break rules.  So, how can we fix it ? Is there a magic wand ?

An easy solution to all these problems is to make all people follow traffic rules. Yes, I am not kidding – make everyone follow just the traffic rules. All of Indian life is on the roads. Take it any festival, or a game, or a celebration like wedding. It happens on the roads. If you want to impact lives, enforce the rules once people step out of their houses.

With whatever infrastructure we have, whether we walk on the road-side or drive or are in a bus, just make people behave according to traffic laws. Drive in a line, wait for the pedestrian to cross at red-signal, wait for the green-signal, do not litter or dirty the public roads – just make them do this one bit for five years in a row.

I believe, if people are made to follow a discipline on the road, it will show up at work, at home and all other aspects of life. All we have to do is to just monitor the few roads which we have – thankfully, so few roads – it is easy for law-enforcing agencies to make people adhere to rules on the roads “if” they hire sufficient policemen.

Here is what I see will happen if people are disciplined on the roads.

  1. The lawlessness will stop or at least the arrogance of letting a fourteen year old drive will end.
  2. The new rich who seem to own the road with newer cars without having gone through proper driving tests, will be made to follow the rules.
  3. The class division will vanish, when people stop for pedestrians to cross.
  4. The restlessness to achieve by stomping someone else’s feet will stop; when on the road, they are made to wait for their turn to cross the signal and not overtake when there is only one lane on any road.
  5. The good behavior becomes contagious, as every citizen will respect oneself even more, as he respects others.
  6. The work culture improves, the sense of right, is now also followed by acting right.
  7. Will any self-respecting, rightfully engaged government employee, engage in corruption that denigrates himself ? Maybe not.

Let us try this. Let us make our lives better, by respecting ourselves more, by respecting the laws which are there for a reason. Let us start by following the traffic rules and keep everyone safe.  Let us just change the road culture instead of trying to fix all the other problems that are germinated by the same lawless person on the road.


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