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Humor and Foolishness

Posted in inspiration with tags , , on October 12, 2011 by amotings

I dream of asking a room full of super-achievers, “Who here thinks they are foolish in what they do” ? All super achievers have to think high of themselves so they may not answer, and even if they do, it would still be in pretense.  I think we feel powerful about being smart and humble about being foolish. We often choose the former, because we are in an ego-centric world which laudes personal success.

It makes me smile to think of this  truth –  most of our lives (which is now mistaken as work-life for me), we spend trying to be our best and train and learn whatever there is.  So, we do everything to avoid being seen as stupid or foolish. And, we stop learning just for learning sake, but start acquiring knowledge to make us look smart. 

 Is my purpose behind acquiring knowledge to gain superiority ?

Imagine for a moment, if you could become free of this label of “staying foolish” also. Would you be more spontaneous in learning and be free ? Would that make you laugh and be happy ? Would you learn, finally ?

If we have to laugh and allow ourselves to be laughed at, won’t we achieve our true potential – maybe make it to the room of super-achievers and still raise our hands to the question of whether we were foolish. Freedom at last.

 Be the unassuming one, the nitwit, the simpleton, not judging but accepting.

Humour yourself, and raise your hand to learn something new because it connects with your purpose. Let us not do it because you are are avoiding looking foolish and therefore acquiring more knowledge.  The experience will make you more complete. The creative genius,  that is you, will finally reach your purpose.

Like the Bible says, “The meek shall inherit the earth”.

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