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Cricket and my son

Posted in Journey with tags , on October 30, 2011 by amotings

Finally, my son made some friends with some other good kids of his age and he is busy playing cricket for the most of his free time. Earlier, all these years, when he was growing up, one of our main concerns was why he does not have friends of  his age group around him. He was initiatlly shy, and we thought of just letting him take his time to get out of his shell, instead of artifically making him socialize. In retrospect, it was a great decision, and boy, sports makes it so much easier to break all barriers.  So here is the story of cricket and my son.

I used to be the one playing cricket with him before. He used to make me get up from the sofa and I used to bowl for him and also field, yes field, for hours under the sun. We used to play on the road right in front of our house.
He has so much energy, and I used to bowl to him just right, so that he can hit the long one over my head. And he can bowl real fast. I am so glad he is not the TV viewing, video-gaming sedantry style kid.
We used to use the back of our hatch back car(my reliable Ford Fusion) as the wicket keeper. Then we bought a nice bat, costing around Rs. 1000, and we lost quite a few tennis balls because of his shots into the unkept empty sites around our house.  We then bought wickets for him, which was his idea again when we played together. So now the back of my car is spared.
Then one day, we saw some kids playing cricket on an adjacent road and I asked him if he would like to play with them. To my surprise my son did not hesitate to say “yes”,  to play with children he does not know. Those kids gladly took him  in their wing and made friends within minutes.
I am so glad now that he is enjoying more with children of his age. I also realized that I get to spend even lesser time with him together.
It was fun while it was just the two of us with the dog watching. Now, it is good for him and I think more fun for him taking the wickets of his friends than his father’s. Howzz that !

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